X-Wing 2E Proxies

*First Order, Resistance, CIS and Republic will be made eventually*

This site offers accurate printable proxy ship tokens so you can "try before you buy". These are not usable at tournaments, but will allow you to test swarms of generics without needing to buy multiple ships and conversion kits just to try out a list. They should be sized accurately. Download the .PNG files and print.

If you print them on heavy card stock, you can use them short term as paper. For longer term use, glue them to a 1st edition ship token. If you use rubber cement, you should be able to remove it without damaging the original token as well.

There are blank tokens if you want to make your own custom tokens.

Direct link to printable 8.5 x 11 sheets HERE

Dials generated at http://xwvassal.info/dialgen/dialgen

Ship font available at https://github.com/geordanr/xwing-miniatures-font/tree/master/dist

Please submit errors or requests to scott@karchfamily.com

Rebel Generic Ships

Rebel Generic Ship Tokens

Rebel Small Base Ships

Rebel Medium Base Ships

Rebel Large Ships

Resistance Generic Ships

Resistance Generic Ship Tokens

Resistance Small Base Ships

Resistance Medium Base Ships

Resistance Large Ships

First Order Generic Ships

First Order Generic Ship Tokens

First Order

Small Base Ships

NO First Order Medium Base Ships

First Order Large Base Ships

Imperial Generic Ships

Imperial Generic Ship Tokens

Imperial Small Base Ships

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Scum Generic Ships

Scum Generic Ship Tokens

Scum Small Base Ships

Scum Medium Base Ships

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